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All functionality that requires your website to be indexed

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Creating and modifying content without technical knowledge


Free Maintenance  and with 12 months warranty

About all programming elements. Updates included

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All our developments seeking profitability.

A base 100% SEO in online store development





  • Indexibility 100% guaranteed.
  • URL management semantics and suffixes.
  • Complete adaptation of titles, metatags and links .
  • Inclusion of contact forms and customizable compliance with LOPD .
  • Creation and inclusion of sitemaps. html
  • Installing tracking code for reports of Google Analytics .
  • Created with Joomla! Virtuemart 1.5.x 1.1.X , allowing you to autonomy, ease and savings to modify its website.
  • Professional designs for all sectors and fully modifiable. template Premium installed and running .
  • Advanced text editor, file manager and deputy manager web links.
  • Installation and Customization of the gateway for Paypal payment.
  • Our team on hand to help in the construction and maintenance of their web under the Ticket System .
  • SEO Hosting incorporated in all developments and Domain . com.'s,. net,. info Free!

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Pay only € 999.00

Store hire joomla pack


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Annual recurring payment 1GB SEO Hosting: € 149.00 and the domain if you have it with us: 15.00 €

A modern and attractive design.

Choose the one that best suits your business. We have plenty of original designs.

Select one from among the templates Virtuemart and includes the number of template that tells you when you place order 

Store premium designsStore premium designs Store premium designsStore premium designs


A professional and creativo.Tu running store in 30 days.

Global Configuration

  • System configuration, site name, mailing functions etc. ..
  • Inclusion of company logo or brand (provided by the customer in proper format).
  • Creating and Lower Main menu (legal notice, site map, site area etc. ..).
  • Layout of the main page (Home) as needed.
  • Layout up to 5 pages of content with more information about our business: "About Us", "How to Buy", "Terms of Service", "Services", etc.. (Customer Content).
  • Contact form integrated with automatic sending mail to the chosen direction.
  • Space shuttle social networks (no installation is budgeted social networking modules added)
  • Establishment and incorporation of sitemap. Html
  • Analytics Account Activation.
  • Audit usability and convertibility . 35 Key Points
  • Incorporation of section FAQ . (Contents not included)
  • Section Adding Blog comments and modules last post, historical and commented.
  • The video tutorials provide support for self-management of the site and a file with the same specialties (seciones, categories, tips etc. ..)

Store configurations.

  • Configuring the store operation.
  • Configuration options SEO and indexability.
  • Configuring the product categories (Max 20)
  • Setting product views.
  • Setting the attributes of products (size, color ...)
  • Definition and configuration options price, discounts predefined rules and taxes and calculations.
  • Configuring countries and currencies .
  • Configuring buyers. groups (Wholesale, Retail, Final ..)
  • Enable if desired valuations and product reviews (moderate management).
  • Configuring Post Customer Service on the status of orders (Confirmed, Cancelled, Paid, Returned, Submitted, Completed).
  • Configuring payment methods predefined as Paypal, ®, 2Checkout .. (not including private walkways Sermeca type, ECSC ...)
  • Setting the terms of delivery of product (not including integration with external modules)
  • High of 5 products for example in different categories.
  • The video tutorials provide support for self-management of the site and a file with the specialties of the same (sections, categories, tips etc. ..)

Content provided by the client.

MAINTENANCE INCLUDED AND 12 MONTHS WARRANTY. - Includes regular updates of the system to prevent attacks and outdated codes (penalized by Google)

Pay only € 999.00

Store hire joomla pack

Annual recurring payment 1GB SEO Hosting: € 149.00 and the domain if you have it with us: 15.00 €

  • If you are not staisfied within the first 30 days we will refund your money. Immediate and no questions. Domains and purchase/fifting template (499€) are not refundable.

  • Credit Card and Paypal: Automatic Activation.
  • Cash dn Bank Transfer Income: Manual Activation to receive the voucher.
  • Communication and contact .. - Work will be done by low support ticket system, this way you can follow the evolution of the project, as well as adjustments and changes requested. (More info: )
  • - In case of need you can contact us by phone, email, and / or skype, the time invested will be charged to the project. Personal visit 55 € / hour (Lo 2h). Outputs outside Madrid least 8 h more displacement

Improvements with the Store Hours Pack

Make the adjustments you need with our paid support packs:

  • Configure payment gateways credit card (Sermepa, ECSC, Pasat 4B, BBVA, etc..)
  • Configuring shipments depending on the shipping address (country and zip code) and the total weight of purchase.
  • Shipping rates dynamics using modules (InterShipper, UPS, USPS, FedEx or Canada Post; modules use the Shipping Rate API).
  • ...

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