SEO Eternitic Plans Guarantees

Hiring our services are guaranteed to experience, expertise and professionalism of our technicians who are experts in each field and especially for SEO services and SEM optimization we have a team recognized by Google Certified Partner Adwords and Google Analytics. 

Also, our customers count on our commitment to efficiency and profitability, full transparency in management, technical support and ongoing information about the evolution of his campaign and actions.

SEO Eternitic Plans Guarantees

For SEO plans offer a full guarantee of satisfaction why refund 100% of the amount invested in any of our SEO Plans if we do not position in the Top 10 the number of terms minimum specified in each plan.

Although we know from experience that get the positioning of your website on the top, it is important to know that professionally we can not guarantee a specific position within the natural results of search engines, since they can not be manipulated.


Investment and continuously maintained for 1 key año.Palabras composed of three or more terms related to negocio.Dominios more than a year old and indexed in Google since. (Cause Sand Box)


To enforce the guarantee, the customer must request the refund by email (to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ), 15 days after the expiration of the minimum period established for each plan (one year) counted from the start of the trabajos.Una after that period, the warranty will have expired.
This warranty is void if the customer does not accept the recommended criteria for the ranking of your website by our technical team and other selected unilaterally chooses for him or delivery delays information and / or texts necessary leg work done.

  • If you are not staisfied within the first 30 days we will refund your money. Immediate and no questions. Domains and the work done on websites are not refundable

  • Credit Card and Paypal: Automatic Activation.
  • Cash dn Bank Transfer Income: Manual Activation to receive the voucher.
  • Communication and contact. - Ticket System. Alternatives: Phone, email, virtual conference, skype, mail and fax messaging.

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