Seo & Sem. Your cuztomers, our starting point.

We provide quality services at reasonable prices aimed at small and medium enterprises.

For these businesses, in order to obtain top positions for SEO or SEM most competitive terms in your industry, you are out of reach, most of the time, because of its low investment capacity.

For these companies are able to monetize your internet business, the key is to be able to interpret and adapt your business to the environment, define an appropriate strategy and get quality innings on a wide base of niche terms themselves are its scope and to provide more targeted contact, better quality and more suited to their size and service capabilities.

The challenge is to achieve results with economic budget and human capital, as they rarely have anyone in your organization who has the right profile to take effective action on the Internet. Often these tasks are on administrative computer or obvious flaws in this regard.

With our support these companies are getting open a hole in a competitive market and with so much potential to be developed as ours.

This is proof of what we can achieve with our SEO jobs SEO / SEM and on this page you cand find a varied sample of web work adapted to the strategy of choice for the customer.


Seo for High Performance:

With our method of work, commitment and time required, we can get, without resorting to irregular practices, your company becomes a reference in its sector on the Internet, as we did with Business and Networking.Primera term position for Networking with more than 3600 monthly searches and competition for nearly 700 million entries on Google

Seo for Medium Performance:

With less investment in time and labor, business position and get complex websites in the top positions of Google for terms of average competence but growing trend such as "vintage decor", "vintage furniture", "20's decor" ... . than in less than a year are generating regularly contacts facing our client LA Studio or top positions in the industrial field for terms such as "industrial automation", "industrial automation projects" or "electronic" to Quimel.


Seo Niche:

There are many clients operating in highly competed markets but with an offer that is different from the others, in less than a year we are taking advantage of their niche on the Internet with keywords like "catering filming", "catering cinema", "catering madrid" La Diligence ... Catering or "home automation madrid", "home automation security", "surveillance madrid" ... for Hedo and Montero. This type of strategy is that we apply with more regularity because in less than a year generate return for the customer and gives us a good base to be more ambitious in the future.



Sem for High Budget:

We are experts in creating and optimizing Adwords accounts with high budgets and international campaigns getting the optimum balance between investment in clicks and conversions, for example by adjusting the investment in Adwords from 3000 € / month to 1,200 € and further enhancing the number (in more than 50%) and the quality of the conversions, as with the case or allowing Produpin, which we helped to become market benchmark key chains and pins in Spain, successfully started its international with the goal of being the largest marketer of such products worldwide.


Sem for Medium Budget:

There are many companies competing in sectors with a high cost per click and have very tight budgets in these cases is very important to define the segmentation strategy and objectives of generating campaigns landing pages necessary to achieve the required conversions as in the If a well known international consultant we have developed several different campaigns and landing pages that they are generating a good number of quality conversions. Self-management in these firms is usually a bad idea, usually the budget gets out of hand and after several months investing without conversions, the conclusion is that Adwords does not work.


Low Budget Sem:

If there is a segment which is almost bound to have a professional to work Adwords accounts is this, when you have a low budget, every click lost is a step to failure. Many times the account has been created by Google itself through one of its campaigns to attract users, is like putting the fox in the chicken coop, in most cases the budget without conversions escapes the client exhausts its budget and again "Adwords does not work". We have many customers who generate this kind conversions consistent with budgets of less than 200 € / month as in the case of facilities Jarama, a company installation and sale of air conditioning systems that saves winters thanks to its "Internet customers" or Spi advisers who solicits clients habitually for business consultancy, despite competing in a sector with clicks above the 5 €.

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