100% SEO Web Features


  • 100% IP whitelist .
  • IP shared with few neighbors.
  • High speed download , under optimal response time and processor performance.
  • Servers in the target country (in this case Spain)
  • Default Error 503 in back-up process (instead of 404).
  • Possibility of unlimited subdomains.
  • Functionality . htaccess assured.
  • Mod_rewrite enabled
  • Fixed IP provided that includes a newsletter manager.

WEB CMS.Gestor

  • Dynamic Content Manager or CMS Advanced Professional Package (Joomla, Wordpress or Drupal).
  • Three templates included. (Personalization not included)
  • Organization website: System ready to efficiently organize the contents of your site into sections and categories, which facilitates navigation for users and to create a solid, clean and easy for administrators.
  • Publication of Content : You can create and edit unlimited pages from a simple self-managing editor that allows text formatting with styles and images you want. The contents are fully editable and modifiable.
  • Scalability and implementation of new features: Provides the ability to install, uninstall and manage components and modules, value added services to visitors to your website, for example image galleries, forums, newsletters, classifieds, image repositories, integrations with social networking, video streaming and so on. (Check your specific need)
  • User Management: Allows you to store data of registered users and the ability to send e-mails to them from the system itself. User management is hierarchical, and the different user groups have different levels of authority / permissions in the management and administration of the site.
  • Design and aesthetics of the site: You can change the entire look of the website without having to modify the contents.
  • Image Manager: has a utility to upload images to the server and use them throughout the site.
  • Disposition of editable modules: The modules and functionalities can be adapted to different positions within the web.
  • Polls: Has a system with dynamic feedback and survey results in percentage bars.
  • News Feed: Bring a built-in RSS news syndication / XMS automatically generated
  • Advertising: is possible to advertise on the site using the Banner Manager
  • Visitor statistics: with information browser, OS, and details of documents (pages) most viewed.
  • Publication of News, Articles, FAQs and Links for registered users .
  • Contact Forms: Standard Forms and Short Forms Line to landing page. Possibility of inclusion of Location Google Maps.
  • Advanced Text Editor , allows you to upload photos and videos ..., supports css, hyperlink, etc. ..
  • 100% compatible with SEO work. SEO Friendly.

Publishing content

  • Automation in the publication: The pages and documents can be programmed with a publication date and expiry date. Is that a document can be scheduled to publish automatically at a certain date, and then also automatically despublicarse on another date.
  • Archives and History: The old pages or publications that have become obsolete can be sent to an "archive" storage without having to delete them. This can also give the possibility to consult articles boaters old or previous documents a history.
  • Playable formats: Each document can be automatically generated in format PDF and printable version .
  • Delivery by E-mail : Site users can automatically send to a friend by email each published paper.

Special SEO

  • Indexibility 100% guaranteed.
  • URL management semantics and suffixes.
  • Complete adaptation of titles, metatags and links .
  • Component Advanced SEO management integrated (evaluation version). Learn More
  • Inclusion of contact forms and customizable compliance with LOPD .
  • Creation and inclusion of sitemaps. html
  • Installing tracking code for reports of Google Analytics .

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