What we do?


  • We analyze in depth the business and objectives of our client.
  • We conducted a consultancy on landing pages or create needed landing pages.
  • We work daily accounts with the objective of improving the overall quality of the account and improve ratios and cost per click.
  • Gradually incorporate new developments in Google to take advantage of all the opportunities generated.

We offer a customer service consulting, our goal is to maximize your results, investing as little as possible in payments to Google, Yahoo, Bing ... so in optimization work we do not charge a commission on the investment made, how could we then justify a budget increase recommendation in case of need?


All our plans include:

  • A SEM expert consultant assigned to the project.
  • Previous analysis of business objectives and competence.
  • Increase in Quality visits. Customers Potential, Local, National or International.
  • Continuous optimization of Adwords account and implementing necessary changes.
  • Analysis Results by weekly, monthly reports and / or Analytics control panel (depending on plan)

We maintain strict independence with Google, separating between the cost spent on Adwords and cost of our consulting service.

The search value is not only found in clicks and conversions, users use Google for more information and support their purchase decisions, there is evidence that many users do not purchase or submit forms through the web, but looking at the company sent them a proposal and if they do not find them mistrust.

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