SEM Plans

Local Regional National International
MicroSMEs Special Autonomous and a defined niche. Locally

First SMEs campaigns, microsites, product launch, market research. Provincial Scope.

Special Campaigns and SME Evolution Online Stores. National and Regional Level.

Campaigns Online Stores SMEs and high performance- National and International

Eternitic Warranty *Minimum CTR in search
- +1% +2% +2%


60€ 90€ 180€ 260€
hire hire hire hire
 Audit on landing pages
Revisión de adecuada orientación a objetivos de las páginas de destino.Recomendaciones.

 Creating and configuring the account
Alta de la cuenta en Google Adwords y configuración de datos de facturación, pago etc..Gestión del alta cpon Google.

 Online Competitive Analysis
Identificación de la competencia online, posiciones , oferta cpomparativa etc...

 Definition of the target profile
Estudio y definición del perfil / perfiles objetivo de las campañas.

 Implementation of Champaigns
Configuración completa de las campañas según los objetivos y perfiles definidos (idioma,geolocalización,busquedas o display,rotaciones...)

 Ad Groups, Ads, Keywords
Número mínimo de grupos de anuncios, anuncios y keywords de inicio en la activación de las campañas.
1-2-10 2-4-25 4-8-50 6-12-100
 Definition of tactical objectives and reports
Definición de los objetivos de conversión (venta, suscripción, contacto..) y configuración de los informes de rendimiento.

 Enable Conversion Tracking
Activación del seguimiento de conversiones y envío de códigos al cliente para su inserción en la web (posibilidad de inserción a través de soporte de pago)

 Activation Analytics account
Alta y configuración de la cuenta de Analytics y envío del código al cliente para inserción en web (posibilidad de inserción a través de soporte de pago)

 Display Network Campaigns
Alta y gestión de campañas en la red de display (red de contenidos asociada a Google).

 Creating banners for network graphics display
Creación de banners gráficos en base a plantillas predefinidas y su inclusióon en campañas de la red de display.

Local Regional National International


90€ 160€ 260€ 360€
hire hire hire hire
 Continuous optimization of champaigns
Trabajo contínuo de optimización y mejora , basada en el comportamiento de los indicadores clave y el feedback de Analytics, de todos los parámetros de campaña para incrementar los resultados.

 Amendment and adaptation of campaign ads and keys
Realización de todas las modificaciones necesarias en las campañas, anuncios y selección de keywords de activación.

 Definition of negative keywords and concordances
Selección e inclusión contínua de keywords de inhibición y manejo de las opciones de concondacia para mejorar la orientación de las campañas.

 Plan quality improvement for CPC and positions
Implantación de un plan personalizado para mejorar de la calidad de las campañas , disminuir el precio por click y mejorar posiciones.

 Specific campaigns mobile
Definición,implementación y gestión de campañas específicas para móviles.

 High performance specific campaigns
Definición,implementación y gestión de campañas específicas para potenciar el alto rendimiento de algunas keywords.

 Remarketing Campaigns
Definición,implementación y gestión de campañas de remarketing para usuarios identificados. Envío del código al cliente para inserción en web (posibilidad de inserción a través de soporte de pago).

 Daily monitoring report results
Realizamos un seguimiento diario de las cuentas con envío de informes en periodicidad mensual, semanal o diaria (clics,inversión,CTR..). Envío adicional de informe comentado mensual.
Monthly Weekly Weekly Daily
 Website Optimizer
Trabajos con el optimizador de sitios web para comparar versiones web.


 Estimated daily Investment in Google Adwords
Invesrión estimada en Google Adwords. Cobro independiente realizado por Google.
5 - 10 € 10 - 20 € 30 - 50 € 60 - 120 €
 Estimated Monthly visits **
Número de visitas mensuales estimadas para sectores con competencia media.
100-500 600-2500 1800-3500 3000-7000

FAQ - Services Optimization and Adwords Account Management

What is the difference between working Adwords account management and SEM Optimization?

The difference between the two services is basically in the time devoted to work the count and the profile of the working professional. As a result, fewer jobs are performed completely eliminated and research work involving an investigation of the account to improve conversion rates and inclusion of groups or new keywords.

Why do I have to play for this service if I also pay to Google?

Any Adwords campaign is "alive", be wrong to think that can be left to "auto" without spending some time during the month to ensure that ads are displayed correctly, in the right positions, that the conditions for investment and account settings, etc ...

Also the account must be maintained for possible changes in the market that may pose opportunities to exploit the account.

Adwords results are not only in terms of volume of investment that goes into the tool, perhaps ye thought, "if I pay for clicks, better allocate what we paid for the management to increase investment," but then you eliminate the human factor , which is key, not to generate more clicks (actually that you get increasing investment in Adwords), but that the clicks are generating higher quality contacts.

Should I hire a management job or optimization?

Work management is indicated for those who want to start a campaign Adwords Local, with few keywords and a low investment, always less than 300 € per month. So is, for accounts with the same profile who have already suffered a process of optimization and minimum of 1 year and just want to keep the account without spending more time optimization since they understand that the account has found its equilibrium.

Optimization work is suitable for those who have taken the decision to invest in Adwords stably for at least 6 months and managed an investment budget of more than 300 €. If you work with these premises you will need two things to generate and improve your results, time spent on the bill and advanced knowledge of the tool. You decide, you try you, or trust an expert company that, in addition to providing this, also brings experience in managing hundreds of accounts with different profiles Adwords. Ask yourself how much your time is worth.

Many clients come to us after having spent a great deal of time and money trying to get results and have not succeeded, others contact us for the account have been gotten out of hand and even obtaining performance is not enough or payment Google is exaggerated. In all cases and conditions have improved dramatically in some investment down by 50% with better results.

When should I gain optimization management?

Normally we'll let you know or what you propose as the initial performance of your account. But if not, or you want to advance the process, it is advisable that you hire a service optimization when you see that your conversions generated stably in this case is interesting hire an optimization work to improve the conversion ratio and bring the investment thereto. You also need to hire an optimization service when a certain time online (minimum two months), there has been no contact conversion or, in this case it may be necessary to further analyze the company or business, its objectives, the web page etc. .. and therefore need a more advanced service.

When I can lose management to optimization?

You can lower the level of care for an account, when after a minimum of six months of account optimization, has reached a stable point both performance and investment. If there are no changes in activity to promote such as inclusion of new services, expanding work areas or other external factors affecting the activity, the account, at this point, still needs to be managed, but not with the intensity analysis, which requires optimization work.

When can I cancel management or optimization service?

These services do not have a required period of retention and can be canceled at any time warning with at least 15 days before the beginning of the month in which you want to stop the publication of the campaigns. To make an announcement just have to open a ticket SEM department from the client area or by emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

The effect of the cancellation means that the account is stopped, not eliminated, at any time within one year after its cancellation can reactivate the account.

Of course the customer has the option to cancel at any time our service and manage himself or with other professional Adwords account, but for the transfer of the account that we have worked must have passed one-year stay with us with an active service optimization or management.

end faq

Conditions SEM Plans

  • The first month will be billed the Top of account and monthly optimization that month.
  • Price without VAT.
  • Payment: Debit, Bank transfer, Paypal and Credit Card.
  • Payment periods: -Advance payment monthly, quaterly, semiannually or anually. (5% Discount).
  • Communication and contact.. - Work will be done by low support ticket system, this way you can follow the evolution of the project, as well as adjustments and changes requested.. ( More info: )
  • - In case of need you can contact us by phone, email, and / or skype, the time invested will be charged to the project. Personal visit 55 € / hour (Lo 2h). Outputs outside Madrid least 8 h more displacement
  • Start times between 2 and 4 weeks from the start of the project, depending on the collaborative development by the customer, will not be waiting cuentatiempos in the provision of information required by the same
  • The accounts may be assigned to users after ONE YEAR of permanence to any Plan.

(*) The best way to measure the professionalism of a campaign CTR Adwords is the search network, not reached month, month not charge.

(**) Estimates calculated based on a fork of medium or low competition in highly competitive sectors visits will be less, but the results will be better.
  • If you are not staisfied within the first 30 days we will refund your money. Immediate and no questions. The work done on websites are not refundable

  • Credit Card and Paypal: Automatic Activation.
  • Cash dn Bank Transfer Income: Manual Activation to receive the voucher.
  • Communication and contact. - Ticket System. Alternatives: Phone, email, virtual conference, skype, mail and fax messaging.

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