Professional SEM Optimization

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We analyze your business and its potential on the Internet

We define the goals of your website and prepare to meet them


We review landing pages

We revise or create landing pages to increase results


We define tactical objectives of the champaign

We create conversion codes tracking and Analytic goals

Immediate results and periodic reports

Guaranteed Visits minutes after implantation. Performance reports


What is SEM search engine advertising?

With search engine advertising web got a temporary post in the related ads accompanying natural search results for a given term is defined as performance advertising because you only pay for each "click" that a user in the ad that interests you and check the website.

As Internet advertising specialists, we define the strategy and criteria that best suit your goals, establishing optimal cost per click for your keywords and optimizing your account for maximum performance in major ad networks (Google Adwords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, etc..).



Sponsored links on search engines, professionally managed, can be up to 50% more profitable than if managed at the user level, due to an inadequate choice of keywords or a low optimization level account settings, ads and landing pages.

¿Why positioning my company on search engines?

  • Immediate results once implemented the campaign starts getting visits on minutes.
  • Provides an opportunity to to contact the potential customer when is actively seeking a product or service.
  • We obtain the highest degree of segmentation, by keyword, city, time, device ..
  • It involves the best opportunity for SMEs to address mass markets but maintaining a high degree of segmentation.
  • After the SEOaccredits the greatest ROI advertising market (press, radio, mail shots ..)
  • We can define the budget we want to invest beforehand.

The search value is not only found in clicks and conversions, users use Google for more information and support their purchase decisions, there is evidence that many users do not purchase or submit forms through the web, but looking at the company sent them a proposal and if they do not find them mistrust.

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